This group focuses on emerging viruses and the infection, including the virus isolation and characterization, diagnostic method development and genomic studies, epidemiology and molecular mechanism of interspecies infection of zoonotic viruses, and viral metagenomics of special niche samples of human, bat and water etc.

We are a group of 19 members, including 9 staffs and 10 students. Previously we have focused on isolation of emerging viruses in important aquatic crustaceans in China, characteraztion of their infection stategy and also the construction of early detection methods of these viruses.We have isolate and characterized Parvovirus, WSSV, Reovirus, MrNV-chin, following with the study of infection stategy of WSSV, MrNV-chin. Since 2004, we started the epidemiology and interspecies transmission research on certain bat-borne (yet infectious to human) zoonotic viruses , for examle, SL-CoV and Nipah virus. We found several strains of SL-CoV in bat, which belong to different genotypes but show high similarity to SARS-CoV in their genome. These findings provid evidence that bat may serve as the natural reservior host of SARS-CoV.

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Zhengli Shi



Zhengli Shi, PhD, Professor. She graduated from Wuhan University in 1987,China and obtained her MSc in Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, in 1990. From 1996-2000, she studied at Montpellier University Ⅱ in France and obtained her PhD in 2000. Dr. Shi has been working with emerging viral pathogens for many years. Her major achievements include the discovery of a number of genetically diverse of bat SARS-like coronaviruses, bat adenoviruses, adeno-associated viruses and bat circoviruses, and the antibodies of nipah virus and ebolavirus in bats in Southern China.Ongoing projects included the National Basic Research Program(973 Program)、Key project for Emerging Infectious Diseases and National Science Foundation of China..

Representative publications:Science,2005,310(5748):676-679;Journalof Virology,2008,82(4).

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